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Gravity creates my art.  I do not use brushes.

At age 6., in 1948, I caught my 1st lobster diving off shore from a beach in Fort Pierce, Florida & continued diving for lobster until November, 2013.

Along the way I joined the U.S. Army's Air Force, bought, repaired and sold cars, was a salesman for Crook & Crook Marine Supply, was a bounty hunter locating health care fraudsters, conducted full body burials @ sea, became an artist and began beach combing November, 2013.

I found so much cocaine & marijuana I contacted agent Rand with DEA, Petty Officer Overton with the U.S.C.G, and the Dade County & Monroe County Sheriff's Departments who issue a case number for me to transport this found contraband to the U.S.C.G. station on S. Miami Beach for disposition.

Also while beach combing I found thousands of colorful lobster and crab trap floats & bottles, miles of colorful rope, 4 Kayaks & dozens of paddles,  derelict vessels used to transport folks from Cuba & Haiti to safety & freedom in the United States, hundreds of fishing poles & lures, sponges, some cash, an old but in great condition solid brass JAP sub fog horn, nets & lead sinkers, exotic drift wood carved out by wind, rain, wave action & worms;  one shaped like an ancient tetradactyl bird, a moray eel, shark, snake & sail fish, and just plain old wood lumber from Brazil, Colombia, Central America & Mexico,   which I turned into coffee and dinning tables. 

Being a beach comber is the most exciting adventure & profitable endeavor  I have ever experienced.  

I am now moving forward by creating the reality show "THE BEACH COMBER" seeking assistance & investors.  

Google Jobie Steppe, ejobie@bellsouth.net - 786-473-5120  


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