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“I’m not an artist. GRAVITY, only GRAVITY creates my art. I use no brush or artist supplies.
GRAVITY created galaxies, suns, solar systems, planets, humans, humanity, AWARENESS and all that is.”

— Jobie Steppe

In 1948 at age 6 hunger motivated me to swim off shore in Fort Pierce, Florida to about 15 feet of crystal clear water to catch my first lobster. A stint in the army resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury and a personality change that left me with two primal considerations - - - - how deep is the water and are there any sharks around?  I dove for lobster the following 45 years throughout Florida, the Bahamas, but mostly South of Jamaica and engaged in handyman work in Coconut Grove, Florida when on land.  I dove up tons of lead fishing sinkers off bridges  and became a beachcomber in 2013, on uninhabited islands in the Florida Keys. There were tons of spiders and a billion trillion mosquitos in muck & swampy mangroves.  Off shore were lobster, snapper, sharks, bonefish, birds of prey, pelicans, hawks and a eagle. I found exotic driftwood pieces fashioned by Mother Nature into sailfish, birds, snakes and one that looked like a moray eel, thousands of old bottles, lobster & stone crab traps, floats, miles and miles of good rope, 75 pound rocks that float, a fog horn off a JAP sub, kayaks, oars and other stuff.  Washed up on shore were some marijuana & cocaine. Dotting the rocky coastlines were numerous makeshift vessels, one with a USSR hand cranked diesel crafted by Cubans and Haitians risking their lives to reach America & freedom - a few I dropped off in Coconut Grove.  I beach combed  twice weekly and sweated three to four pounds on each trip. I loved it, no traffic, red lights, or rat race.  My wife would accompany me occasionally until she saw an 8 foot black Indigo, otherwise I never saw another human in this no man’s land. I made friends with a raccoon, but I prefer my wife.

Gravity is ubiquitous.  Gravity patterns abound on the shorelines and deserts of planets and appear in human DNA created by the combined forces of gravity, wind, rain & water. Those same forces come together to create the gravity art pieces displayed in this website. 

I pour the paint and using only my hands and vision, I continuously manipulate a 20 pound 4 foot squared framed piece of wood until gravity creates a vision and I stop instantly.  I love sunlight, but the heat boils the dark pigments and can change the character of the vision. I work outside under blooming mango and avocado trees that drop particles, so up the canvas.

Some visions I leave to the rain!?

I'm an impatient bull in a China shop and should not be allowed around my babies until they have totally dried!?

I'm not a social animal & know nothing of social protocol and convention, etc., etc., & etc., but my wife and acquaintances appear to go into shock when they view the visions that appear in my art pieces.  They say my gift comes from understanding color.  Darwin wrote humankind could not have evolved until their eyes spread apart and they began to see in color to gauge the distance to grab branches as they jumped from tree to tree to evolve to the next stage of evolution.  

I pour the paint, use gravity until a vision appears and presto,  am I  now an artist!? 

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UNIQUE art is an understatement because gravity created this art. 

Art pieces # 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., & 6., are $1,000,000.00.  All others are from $8,000.00, to $50,000.00, and prices will increase without notice.  Call for current price payable in currency or cryptocurrency from any country.  

TERMS: Once your order has been confirmed by payment the art piece will be sent to your address.  The clock begins once you or representative signs & dates a delivery receipt.  You have 30 days to determine if you want to keep the art. 

If after inspection you return the piece within 30 days, minus shipping time you will receive a 90% refund in a currency of your choice anywhere in the world. Enjoy the piece during this time. 

The value of your art is guaranteed to increase exponentially within 30 months or you receive a 100% refund, minus 10%. Again, enjoy the piece during this time. Trust your financial system, but join the club and bond with similar like minded folk and purchase a jobie  as both an economical and reserve alternative social currency, all its own.

I invite everyone to view my art pieces to see what you may see and then name the unnamed piece.  If I apply that name to the piece, in this website, when it sells I'll give you a $1,000.00 gift.

jobie steppe

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