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“I’m not an artist. GRAVITY, only GRAVITY creates my art. I use no brush or artist supplies.
GRAVITY created galaxies, suns, solar systems, planets, humans, humanity, AWARENESS and all that is.”

— Jobie Steppe

In 1948 at age 6 hunger motivated me to swim off shore in Fort Pierce, Florida to about 15 feet of crystal clear water to catch my first lobster. A stint in the army resulted in Traumatic Brain Injury and a personality change that left me with two primal considerations - - - - how deep is the water and are there any sharks around?  I dove for lobster the following 45 years throughout Florida, the Bahamas, but mostly South of Jamaica and when on land engaged in handyman work in Coconut Grove.  I dove up tons of lead fishing sinkers off bridges  and became a beachcomber in 2013, on uninhabited islands in the Florida Keys. There were tons of spiders and a billion trillion mosquitos in muck & swampy mangroves.  Off shore were lobster, snapper, sharks, bonefish, pelicans, hawks and a eagle. I found exotic driftwood pieces fashioned by Mother Nature into sailfish, birds, snakes and one that looked like a moray eel, thousands of old bottles, lobster & stone crab traps, floats, miles and miles of good rope, 75 pound rocks that float, a fog horn off a JAP sub, kayaks, oars and other stuff.  Washed up on shore were some marijuana & cocaine causing me to try and produce a reality show. Dotting the rocky coastlines were numerous makeshift vessels, one with a USSR hand cranked diesel crafted by Cubans or Haitians risking their lives to reach America & freedom - a few I dropped off in Coconut Grove.  I tried to beach comb twice weekly and sweated three to four pounds on each trip. I loved it, no traffic, red lights, or rat race. My wife would accompany me occasionally until she saw an 8 foot black Indigo, otherwise I never saw another human in this no man’s land. I made friends with a raccoon, but I prefer my wife.


My art is created by gravity, nature, GOD, or luck. I'm no artist and can't draw a straight line.  All my art mediums, i.e., what I put paint on are made from a 4-foot by 4-foot thin sheet of wood, with a 2-inch by 2-inch wood frame, glued and fastened by 80 finish nails with a 3- inch screw at each corner for maximum stability. Two coats of paint are applied and allowed to dry outside for about one week.  Once dry I apply one or several thick coats of colored paints, at times mixing oil based with water based paint.  I may do this in my back yard, and move the medium about, or on board my boat using wind and wave action, or place on top my van and drive at various speeds down Card Sound Road leading to Key Largo, Florida.  All of these methods use wave or wind action motion leading to a force of gravity to move the paints about until a vision or image appears.  I stop, lay flat and allow to dry up to several months.  Presto, ART!?

At times I literally hinge/connect, as in door hinges, two 4-foot by 4-foot mediums together and apply paint to one medium and then flip it on top the second unit and observe until no paint drips.  Both mediums are then laid flat and dry for several months.  I call this  he/she art.  Although distinct, one side mirrors the other, and are displayed together, forever, and a day to honor a bond between couples.  If children result, smaller art pieces can be added to reflect the family.   

                  DO U OWN A JOBIE?

Google my name, Jobie Steppe. You'll see that I provide Full Body Burials @ Sea, I dive for lobster, I'm a non-artist, artist who  uses wavelengths,  nature,  gravity, or luck to create art. In the very near future I'll be proposing &  funding construction of the worlds largest pyramid, which should be no surprise to my wife, Christina! 

 Look at my art piece # 4., Titled "Confused Sea".  Actually a  confused sea involves water, wind and waves, as in wavelengths. A Full Body Burial @ Sea fits right in.  I posses documented proof a Full Body Burial @ Sea brings cellular immorality. 

Gravity creates my art pieces!?  Personally I see a connection between my art, immorality and the forces of nature that made all life possible. Do not allow yourself to be placed on a cold slab and have strange strangers drain your blood and fill you body with formaldehyde, which will destroy your DNA and the DNA of your loves ones.  A Full Body Burial @ Sea, untouched, will preserve you brains DNA & neurons in your blood brain barrier where  cellular immorality is now a proven fact.  The question is cold slab or immorality?

E-mail [email protected] for proof.  

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