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“I’m not an artist. GRAVITY, only GRAVITY creates my art. I use no brush or artist supplies.
GRAVITY created galaxies, suns, solar systems, planets, humans, humanity, AWARENESS and all that is.”

— Jobie Steppe

                NOTES  IN A BOTTLE

I caught my 1st lobster @ age 6 in 1948 swimming off shore in Fort Pierce, Florida because we were hungry.  After serving in the U.S. Military I continued diving up lobster in Miami, The Florida keys, Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean.  I became a beach comber in the Florida Keys November, 2013 finding all sorts of interesting treasures, including about 50 glass bottles with notes and messages sealed inside.  The 1st was a glass shaped skull ( I believe was some kind of Russian Vodka).  Inside was a $100.00 bill, a marijuana joint and the message "Have a Nice Day". I decided not to remove the other notes.  

I could only beach comb twice weekly in the mangroves, swamp & muck where billions of blood sucking mosquitoes bussed about in extreme heat and humidity.  I lost about 4 lbs. of water each trip & became fatigued.  Not wanting to waste time I relaxed by creating gravity art in my back yard. 

Of course I've heard about people putting notes & messages in bottles and now  wondered why and Googled "NOTE IN A BOTTLE"  and "MESSAGES IN A BOTTLE" and went to Wikipedia. I accepted the notion that when a human puts pen to hand to create a note or message and places it into a bottle and literally tosses it into the ocean their motive is HOPE. It appears the  human brain is hard wired for HOPE like an athletics' brain is hard wired to produce endorphins pushing them further than they otherwise might go.  


I encourage you to take pen in hand and allow your HOPE to pour out into reality onto  paper as written words, sentences and paragraphs.  Place your HOPE, NOTE IN A BOTTLE & toss it into an ocean.  If you're land locked send your bottle to me and I will  place you note/message HOPE in the Gulf Stream between Florida and Bahamas where it will enter what is called THE ATLANTIC GYRO CURRENT to be found by a stranger, somewhere, who might make you HOPE, dream or desire come true!?  

Health, love, romance, fame, fortune,  job, home, to immortalize the loss of a loved one or pet, HOPE - HOPE - HOPE. Relief from stress, pain, discomfort and it doesn't cost a dime! Pick up that pencil, I guarantee this.  I promise.  

Jobie Steppe - 3270 Gifford Lane Coconut Grove, FL 33133 ejobie@bellsouth.net - 786-473-5120

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